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Jimmy Brooks [userpic]

The Week For Me

March 15th, 2006 (09:43 pm)

current mood: satisfied

Ash is coming back, too, now? Color me outta the loop.

Craig's been acting kinda weird lately, kinda...twitchy. I'd put it up as Ash anxiety, but it started before she announced she was coming back. So...I dunno. I quit trying to figure that guy out awhile ago.

Ellie, I heard about this Gordon Hatt exhibiton art show down at the Barnicke next weekend, wanna check it out? I can promise transportation. And possibly food.

Does anyone remember that kid Derek who picked a fight with me earlier this year? The one who felt the need to beat the cripple? Yeah, guess where he's working now. Parking cars. At my apartment building. Hell yeah. Sometimes I really love being rich.